Jimmy Wayne knew 'Sara Smile' was a special song for him from the first time he heard it, after picking a Hall and Oates CD out of a bargain bin over 10 years ago. He had no idea, however, that the song would end up landing him a record deal. All he knew at the time was that the title reminded him of an important person in his life as a youngster.

"There was a foster mom named Sara who was special to me," Jimmy tells The Boot. "The song is not about her, and I don't sing it and think about her particularly, but when I first heard the song it reminded me of her, and that initially got me wanting to listen."Jimmy says the song soon took on a new life for him.

"I've really fought hard for this song from the very beginning of my career. I fell in love with it, learned it, and I believed in it. I never thought it was going to get me a record deal."

"I actually got a little heat from some folks who said I probably should never sing it again," Jimmy continues, "but I just kept believing it was the song I was supposed to sing. It's been my sword and shield for my entire career I've had this song -- it's been the song for me."

'Sara Smile' is the title track of Jimmy's new album, set for release next Monday (Nov. 23).