Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne has just released the music video for his latest single, 'Sara Smile.' To this day, when Jimmy goes in to shoot his videos, he can't help but think back to his first experience while filming the clip for his debut hit, 'Stay Gone,' and the valuable lesson he quickly learned while on the set.

"We were in Sedona, Arizona, and obviously it was my first video," Jimmy tells GAC. "The thing that I remember the most was they played the song, and I was supposed to lip-sync. I didn't know that, so I thought that you were actually supposed to sing the song. So I'm out there singing like crazy."

After several takes, Jimmy started losing his voice and wondered how all the other artists make it through a long day of singing on film.

"I got hoarse at the video shoot," he says. "[Then] they told me you weren't actually supposed to be singing."

Now a seasoned pro, 'Sara Smile' is Jimmy's seventh music video. His latest album, also titled 'Sara Smile,' hit stores Nov. 23.