Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne and 'Sara Smile' go back a long, long way ... to a prison yard, some 13 years ago. The Hall & Oates 70's classic was his favorite song growing up.

"'Sara Smile' is a song I've been singing for 13 years," says Jimmy. "I sang it on the prison yard when I worked at the prison. And even though I didn't write it, I sang it at writers' nights in Nashville. It is the song that taught me how to play the guitar."

It's also the song that scored a sweet deal for the singer in 2002.

"I sang 'Sara Smile' for Scott Borchetta, and he gave me a record deal," says Jimmy. "This song has had a major impact on my life." When Borchetta, now president and CEO of Jimmy's record label, The Valory Music Company, suggested Jimmy record 'Sara Smile' for his new album this year, Jimmy says "it knocked him for a loop."

Today, 'Sara Smile' is not only the title track of his latest CD, which will hit stores Nov. 23, but also the fastest rising song of Jimmy's career.

"That song has been my sword and shield my whole career," Jimmy tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper.

This past summer, John Oates -- who makes up one-half of Hall & Oates -- gave Jimmy one of the sweetest surprises of his career, when he suddenly appeared onstage to sing 'Sara Smile' with Jimmy on the Brad Paisley tour.

"If there was ever any doubt in anyone's mind that country music fans were familiar with Hall & Oates, it should be gone now!" Jimmy enthuses. "When John Oates walked out, 15,000 country music fans stood up at once. I've never seen anything like that. It was just incredible!"

Earlier this week, Jimmy shot the video for 'Sara Smile' at an abandoned train station in Columbia, Tenn. The dusty location -- complete with cracking plaster and mosaic floors -- was also the location of the photo shoot for his album. Says Jimmy, "I wanted the video to have a look that was reminiscent of the CD." The video is expected to air about the same time the album hits stores.

Fans who pre-order 'Sara Smile' through www.thevalorymusiccompany.com will receive a free poster along with the album.