For the past several years, Jimmy Wayne has been chronicling his travels with a series of photographs on and off the concert stage. Lately he's taken to posting many of the photos on his Twitter page so fans can feel like they're on the road with him.

"Not many people get to do what I do for a living. I want to make sure I can share my experience with the world," Jimmy explains. "For example, someone in small-town USA may have an expectation of what San Francisco looks like until they see a picture that I've taken of a golden field with beautiful green mountains and blue skies. I never expected New York to be so similar to North Carolina or Texas or even Minnesota. America is simply beautiful and different all over, yet the same."
Jimmy says his love for photography began on his first radio tour in 2003, when he scored his first hit single, 'Stay Gone.' "I'd take pictures of barns all around America because I loved to compare them. It was an expensive hobby [because] then I used disposable cameras."

With the new technology of picture phones, Jimmy is now able to document his travels with just the click of a button. He's also able to e-mail himself the photos and erase the pictures from his phone when he needs room for more. "I built a catalog of pictures over the years. I love to go back and look at the pictures because it's a form of journaling."

On Monday, Nov. 23, Jimmy will be able to snap more than a few photos of happy fans who've been anxiously awaiting the release of his album, 'Sara Smile.'