Jimmy Wayne is about to see his words come to life. The singer-songwriter's first book, 'Paper Angels,' about a boy whose life changes after participating in the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, is now an original movie, which will air on the UP Network this month.

"Having my book become a movie is something I had always hoped would happen," Wayne says. "It’s an inspirational story, and one I hope will encourage people to keep in mind those children who have so little, not just during Christmas, but throughout the year."

The book, which is based on the life of a child who participates in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program, hit close to home for Wayne. The North Carolina native, who has a small role in the movie, is wearing the same denim jacket in the film that he wore in the video for the song 'Paper Angels,' which was given to him when he was a homeless teenager.

"I’ve always kept that jacket, just to remind myself of what my life was like back then," he says. "It was a hard life, but it helped me get to where I am today."

Wayne also co-wrote 'Walk to Beautiful,' which was released in early October. The book covers his traumatic childhood and his 2010 walk from Nashville, Tenn., to Phoenix, Ariz., to raise awareness for the needs of children in foster care.

“I grew up in foster care, and I know how important it is when one person helps a child,” Wayne tells The Boot. “I’ve always wanted to share my story so that it would help others. I tried sharing it through my music, but it’s impossible to do that in three minutes.”

The novel 'Paper Angels' will be re-released on Nov. 4 with a new cover that ties in with the movie. 'Paper Angels,' starring Josie Bissett and Matthew Settle, will premiere on the UP Network on Nov. 16 at 7PM ET.