Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne is not even to Little Rock, Ark. on his Meet Me Halfway campaign, but he's already looking beyond his goal of walking to Phoenix, Ariz. The singer, who was once homeless and is walking to raise money and awareness for those teens who age out of the foster home system, says he has found his happiness by walking and doesn't have a single regret about committing to his 1,700-mile hike in the dead of winter.

"I don't have any [regrets]," he tells The Boot, shaking his head. "Not one. I'd do it again. I'd go back to Nashville and start over. I would. I told them I'd even consider walking on past Phoenix. I was laying in bed last night thinking of what else I could do when this is done because I'm having so much fun. It doesn't cost anything. That's the cool thing about it."

Jimmy encourages others to find that kind of stress-free happiness even if it means to do what he did -- walk!

"If you can find out how to live life without all the struggles and trying to figure out how to live it so expensive then do it. Find that happiness whether it's in your relationship or whatever it is. There's no feeling like knowing that you're out there because you're happy. That's a great feeling. I love it. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be doing this. If I didn't enjoy it, I probably would be thinking by now, 'I should go back home.'"

Project 'Meet Me Halfway' was launched on New Year's Day when Jimmy left Nashville on foot with his stopping point being Phoenix. 'Meet Me Halfway' is Jimmy's brainchild to raise money and awareness for teens who age out of the foster home system. To donate to the campaign, click here.

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