Jimmy WayneAs Jimmy Wayne enters Oklahoma this week on his project 'Meet Me Halfway,' he continues to make an impact on the lives of the many teens he meets along the way. The singer, who is walking solo from Nashville, Tenn. to Phoenix, Ariz., is hoping to raise awareness and funding for teenagers who age out of the foster home system and end up homeless. The idea for the campaign came to him in December when he realized how blessed he has been in recent years -- going from being a once homeless teen himself to having tremendous success in country music, including his first No. 1 single with 'Do You Believe Me Now,' touring with Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley, and countless other career milestones.

Shortly after launching project 'Meet Me Halfway' on Jan. 1, Dickson, Tenn. based organization, Hiscall, Inc., stepped up to the plate by providing a driver and vehicle to follow Jimmy on his 1,700-mile trek. So, thanks to Hiscall, Jimmy is now out of harms way when unpredictable weather hits. Hiscall has also provided an RV -- decorated with Jimmy's photo and 'Meet Me Halfway' website information -- to give him a place to rest his feet, get a cup of coffee, and conduct phone interviews before he starts walking each day.

"My plans were to leave Nashville alone," Jimmy tells The Boot. "It wasn't to ask for help; just to ask for support. Needless to say, Hiscall provided both help and support. It's allowed me a place to do my office work as well as a place to put my bag so my knees can heal. I'm very thankful for them!"

Jimmy's driver, 23-year-old Josh Lewis, graduated last year with a degree in sports medicine. His expertise in the medical field has come in handy on several occasions during project 'Meet Me Halfway,' including the treatment for blisters Jimmy developed early on. The experience for Josh, however, has been much more significant than just practicing his future career.

"It has really changed my perspective on how the foster system work and how these kids are treated," Josh tells The Boot. "I grew up in a very blessed family ... I had no clue what was going on [with foster homes], just like a lot of people. It has been a real eye opener for all us -- myself, my family and my friends."

Josh also is able to transport Jimmy's 50-pound backpack -- including his Marmot sleeping bag and tent, which the singer uses at night when he finds a safe place to set up camp until sunrise.

"This walk is about raising awareness, not about me carrying a bag on my back," Jimmy says. "If someone offers to carry the bag, they can. If a company offers support and an RV, I'll sleep in it when they offer it that night. My goal and promise was to walk and share the stories of generosity the Americans bestow along the way during this journey."

Hiscall, Inc. is a telecommunications business that sells, installs and maintains telephone and data networking systems, cabling and parts. They sell to other businesses, business partners and directly to customers. The company was formed in 1995 by Gary Luffman, who wanted his Christian faith and principles to be mirrored in his business, so he named his creation Hiscall and added the cross in its logo.

Look for Jimmy and the Hiscall vehicles along Highway 70, where the singer will continue his journey throughout Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Log on to the official website for 'Meet Me Halfway' for more information or to make a donation.

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