Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne hasn't even hit the halfway point on his Meet Me Halfway walk across America, but the singer who embarked on the journey raise awareness for teens who "age out" of the foster-care system, is already thinking of other ways to help.

Earlier this month, Jimmy was reunited with Lt. Col. Jason Garkey who took a special leave of absence from active duty in the military to walk with the singer in January. While the two of them walked this second go-around, they came up with a friendly competition to help pass the time.

"He and I had this little game where we started collecting coins that we would find on the road," Jimmy tells The Boot. "I had been collecting them before he came out, but it really got competitive when he came out because he's a military guy! When he would find a quarter, it would wear me out. Of course, I'd find a nickel, and he'd laugh. Then I'd find a quarter. So we ended up finding tons of change."

That competition was the inspiration for an additional fund-raising effort.

"I want to start a project called 'Make a Change,'" says Jimmy. "All the money I find on the road from here to Phoenix, I'm going to donate [to HomeBase Youth Services] once I get there. If it's two or three dollars, who knows. I've got probably five dollars worth of change in my pouch right now. Maybe people can match the change that I find. That would be cool."

Jimmy's fans are also getting on board by coming up with their own fundraisers for the cause, including an auction for autographed coffee mugs of the star called Get Mugged.

Jimmy started his 1,700-mile trek on New Year's Day when he left Monroe Harding group home in Nashville, Tenn. He expects to reach HomeBase in Phoenix, Ariz. at the end of May or early June. For more information or to donate to the campaign, visit the official website.

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