When Jimmy Wayne sings, fans tend to scream. But when he speaks, the lesson seems to be they'd better listen up!

During Jimmy's Grand Ole Opry appearance last week, the singer was so overwhelmed by screams from adoring female fans as he took the stage to perform his current single, 'I'll Be That,' that he invited fans to "come on and join me for some sweet tea and a baked sweet potato at Santa Fe" -- a restaurant located near the Opry House.

Turns out about two dozen fans were listening and decided to take Jimmy up on his offer. Arriving at the restaurant, Jimmy found a dozen potential diners waiting in the parking lot -- and the number had doubled by the time everyone was seated. Fans from as far away as Minnesota and Illinois, and as close as Georgia, got to know the North Carolina native a little better as they drank tea and chatted with him throughout the evening.

And in true Southern tradition, dinner wouldn't be the same without a little music. Jimmy persuaded fiddle player Jake Clayton to play along as he treated diners to several of his tunes including 'Do You Believe Me Now' and 'Kerosene Kid.'

"Getting to meet new people and hang out with them in a casual setting like this is one of the best things about what I do for a living," Jimmy says of the impromptu get-together. "I could just wave at them from the stage, and pose for a picture. But this really gives me a chance to hear what they think, learn about their lives and enjoy this great opportunity I've been given."

And while not everyone is lucky enough to get dinner with the show, Jimmy continues to interact with fans as he criss-crosses the country on Brad Paisley's 'American Saturday Night' tour.