In one of his proudest accolades to date, Jimmy Wayne is being honored by the Salvation Army. The 36-year-old is the youngest person the charity has ever recognized for outstanding contributions.

Calling himself "really passionate" about "anything that has to do with helping teenagers," the country star explains why he focuses so much of his time and energy on such worthwhile causes: "There is something special about the kids who grow out of the system ... Sometimes they're let go when they reach a certain age and they have nowhere to go. That's where I was at one point in my life and this family helped out," Jimmy, himself a survivor of the foster-care system, tells PEOPLE magazine.

Jimmy is currently opening for Dierks Bentley and notorious prankster Brad Paisley on the American Saturday Night Tour. He jokes that he's focusing on more than just his music while on the road. "I've got a few things up my sleeve," he said in reference to his plans to even the score with Brad."I've got one so bad, it's so bad of a prank it might get me arrested!"