Jimmy Wayne made his first appearance on the country chart more than five years ago, with the Top 5 single, 'Stay Gone.' And while he's returned to the charts with hits such as 'I Love You This Much,' 'You Are,' and the No. 1 'Do You Believe Me Now,' there are a number of fans who don't think Jimmy's getting his fair share of radio airplay - and they've taken action.

An online petition started just a few days ago by a fan in Florida, reads: "The fans of country singer Jimmy Wayne have been requesting his music to radio stations all around the country and yet, for some reason, we can't get his songs played. We request and vote for his videos on the websites for the two major video channels, and like the radio stations, they are seldom, if ever, played. With this kind fan support, why is it that his music and videos aren't getting played?"

The document concludes with: "We, the fans, are signing this petition with the intent to send it to the programmers of radio stations and the two major video channels to show them our support of Jimmy Wayne and to ask them why his music and videos aren't getting the airplay congruent with the public desire."

Fans will see just how successful their petitioning effort has been with the release of Jimmy's new single, 'Sara Smile,' which The Boot reported he recently recorded with pop duo Daryl Hall and John Oates.