Jimmy WayneAs Jimmy Wayne battles frigid temperatures during his 'Meet Me Halfway' campaign walk across America -- started New Year's Day from Nashville with the final destination being Phoenix, Ariz. -- he has encountered numerous acts of love and support from fans, friends and well-wishers.

Folks have popped into Jimmy's journey along Highway 70, bringing him special treats including hot cocoa, coffee, hazelnut creamer (a staple item in Jimmy's refrigerator back home), apples, donuts, milk and his new guilty pleasure, root beer.

Jimmy has also been expressing the painful memories of his life on the streets as a teenager, which the journey has brought back to the surface, saying on his Twitter page Sunday, "It's been the hardest day so far; loneliness has consumed me ... keep praying."

Later that afternoon, Jimmy was so touched by one particular act of kindness that he held it close to him -- literally -- throughout the night.

"A fireman pulled up in his old, raggedy truck," says Jimmy. "He brought his family, and you could tell he was a hard-working guy. His handshake was really strong, and he looked at you when he talked to you. He says, 'I brought you a bottle of water.' That right there really touched me. He paid at least $2 for that water. He could have bought a half-gallon of milk with this $2. I slept with that bottle of water in my bag that night to keep it from freezing because I didn't want to waste it."

Starting today (Wed., Jan. 6), fans can track Jimmy's journey through his website.