Jimmy WayneThe sound of sirens rang through the McSwain Theatre in Ada, Okla., as Jimmy Wayne took the stage Saturday singing 'Cowboys and Engines,' with his fist punching the air. He immediately launched into another new song, 'Shot Cowboy,' which is slated to appear on another album down the road, after 'Sara Smile' hits stores later this month. With the final beat of the song, Jimmy drew imaginary pistols off each of his hips and shot the air as the lights faded.

But this concert wasn't all music, as the charismatic singer also added a little humor. Turning his back to the crowd, he picked up a small red sound box off the drum rise. With a twinkle in his eye, Jimmy brought the red box close to his microphone, pushing a button and bringing the crowd to laughter as he played various comical sound effects.

"What?" Jimmy motioned to the crowd with his hands in the air before joining them with laughter.

Jimmy slowed things down as the opening melody to his hit, 'I Will,' played. Delivering pure emotion in every word, he clutched his fists and his microphone stand, gazing into the lights.

"We are thankful you guys are here," Jimmy said to the audience. "We're going to change things up a little bit tonight since you guys are out on a Halloween night with us. If you want to hear something, just throw it out!"

Jimmy then strapped on his black acoustic 'Kerosene Kid' guitar and sang tracks from his last two albums, including 'I Didn't Come Here To Lose,' 'After You,' 'Trespassin',' 'I Love You This Much,' 'Where You're Going,' and of course, 'Kerosene Kid.'

"You guys feel like singing a little bit?" Jimmy asked, as he strummed his guitar to the opening notes of the song that put him on the map, 'Stay Gone.'

As the song softened, Jimmy told the audience the inspiration behind the song -- a telephone conversation with his sister when she was going through a separation. "I said, 'Thanks, sis...,'" Jimmy said with a smile as he once again held his sound box up to the microphone and played the sound of a cash register: "Cha-ching."

"We've got a new song out at radio right now ..." Jimmy continued after the laughter settled, launching into his brand-new hit, a remake of the 1976 Hall & Oates classic, 'Sara Smile.'

"Thank you guys for spending your Halloween with us!" Jimmy said, closing out the night with his biggest hit to date, 'Do You Believe Me Now,' which spent three weeks at No. 1 on the country charts.

As he walked off the stage, Jimmy flashed peace signs to the audience and continuously thanked them. He releases his third studio album, 'Sara Smile,' on Nov. 23.