Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne recently wrapped the third leg of Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night tour with Dierks Bentley, igniting a fire within to someday tackle the same kind of tour, but with his name at the top of the bill.

"I'd like to headline my own tour," Jimmy tells The Boot. "I know it's going to be a while down the road, [so in the meantime], I'd like to get on another tour. I think that we're really good openers. I think we can definitely pull off a show -- and we have. My band does an extremely good job, and I'm very proud of my band. I couldn't have done it without them. We understand our position when we're out there. We're not trying to be the headliner. We're out there to do a job, and that's to open up the show."

Jimmy says along the way he's developed a strategy to draw in those people who are not in their seats during the opening band slots.

"People aren't there to see you," he concedes. "They're there to see the headliner. You can get frustrated because people aren't in their seats, or you can play to ten people who are in their seats and work off that crowd."

Jimmy used a special tactic to get the people who are standing in the concession lines or out at their cars tailgating in their seats faster. He delivered a message to the crowd watching him using a cardboard sign.

"I wrote 'Scream if you like Dierks Bentley' and 'Scream if you love Brad Paisley.' When I hold it up and the cameraman puts it up on the big JumboTron, the whole entire place is screaming at once. That makes the other people wonder, 'What is going on in there? I want to go in there and find out!' They don't know what they're screaming about. Then, they come inside and you have them in their seats. Dierks and Brad just thought that it was a great idea so I just kept doing it, and it works. By the time Dierks was on stage, everybody was in there!"

Jimmy finishes out the touring year with a series of solo dates, and is also preparing for the release of his third studio album. 'Sara Smile' will be in stores Monday, Nov. 23.