Things are back to normal in the world of Little Big Town. After undergoing vocal cord surgery in mid-June, LBT member Jimi Westbrook is good to go -- and even having a little fun with the country quartet's fans.

Westbrook posted a video to the group's Facebook page on Monday (Aug. 10), celebrating the fact that he's off vocal rest and can speak normally again. However, Westbrook couldn't resist playing a prank and talking in a high, somewhat-squeaky voice at first.

"I can talk. It's kind of ... different ... weird ... but maybe I can get used to it," Westbrook says in his fake "new" voice, before ending the charade with a laugh.

"Everything's good. I'm talking, which is a blessing -- well, except to Karen [Fairchild, Westbrook's wife and fellow LBT member], but anyway ...," Westbrook continues. "... All is well."

That "all is well" is good news for both Westbrook and Little Big Town as a whole. Back in July, LBT's Kimberly Schlapman explained that, for the prior few months, Westbrook would sing, then try not to talk in order to save his voice, hoping that the issues he was having would resolve themselves — but they never did.

“So when he went in, the doctor said, ‘You’ve got to have surgery, or you’re just not gonna be able to continue at all,’” Schlapman said.

Added the group's Phillip Sweet, “For the long term of Little Big Town, this is the best thing.”

After canceling many of their 2015 Pain Killer Tour dates to allow Westbrook time to heal, Little Big Town are now scheduled to return to the road on Aug. 22, with a show at the Eastbound Hoedown Music Festival in Avondale, Newfoundland, Canada.

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