Since Jewel made her 1995 debut with the 12-million-selling 'Pieces of You,' her fans have played a huge role in one of the most successful grass-roots campaigns ever mounted both by - and on behalf of - a popular artist. The Internet has played a major part in exposing Jewel to her audience, especially through her fun, informative blog. So it's no wonder she's held up as an example of how to give the people what they want.

"I'm in a college textbook for being one of the pioneers of viral marketing," Jewel tells The Boot in our exclusive interview. "One of the reasons I've had my career is because I've always had such a strong groundswell. My music's never been very mainstream. It's never been what's actually happening on the radio, and to get myself on the radio and into the mainstream has really been an accomplishment of my fan base."

That same fan base, and a whole new crop of followers, joined Jewel in her recent foray into mainstream country music, giving her a No. 1 country album with 2008's 'Perfectly Clear,' and a Top 20 hit with 'Stronger Woman.'

On May 5, Jewel will release 'Lullaby,' an album which goes a long way toward broadening her appeal even more, with sweet songs meant to appeal to adults and children alike. Look for more of The Boot's exclusive interview with Jewel next week!