Brad Paisley is known for pulling funny pranks on his tour mates. Finally, the tables have turned. Jewel got back at the Paisley Party Tour headliner, not once, but twice!

"The first involved Brad's song, 'I'm Still A Guy,'" Jewel reports. "He has this 40 foot, ginormous screen onstage, so I decided to Photoshop pictures of his head on women's bodies. Everything from women in bikinis to Miss Universe to little girls in tu-tus ... Brad's head was on it! When he turned around, he knew someone had been messing with his production!"

Jewel's second prank on Paisley involved the Merle Haggard song, 'That's the Way Love Goes.' The two often perform the classic tune together on the tour, but at one recent show, Jewel didn't quite make it on stage for the duet.

"I had my tour manager Steve dress up as me, in my dress with a blonde wig and everything," she says. "As the song began, I stood offstage and began singing while Steve walked out to the end of the walkway behind Brad, strutting his stuff. Once Brad realized it wasn't me standing there, he could barely get through the song!"

Jewel ends her stint on the Paisley Party Tour in November ... So Paisley has just a few weeks to retaliate.