Jewel has released a music video for her song "My Father's Daughter," a duet with Dolly Parton.

The video was directed by Tom Campbell and filmed outside of Nashville, using shots of a childhood to help tell the story of Jewel's upbringing in Alaska. Press play above to watch the clip.

The subject matter of "My Father's Daughter" is fitting for a collaboration with Parton, whom Jewel has idolized since she was young.

“As a kid growing up with an outhouse, my heroes were always Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn,” Jewel tells Billboard. “They were the only other icons I’d heard of that were raised similarly to me. I liked that they had the courage to say, 'This is exactly who and what the hell I am.' So I got the courage to ask her to sing on the record, and she agreed."

In addition to her new song and music video, the singer has been celebrating the release of her new album, Picking Up the Pieceswhich made its debut on Sept. 11. The album is made up of tracks that Jewel penned over the last two decades, but none of them has found their way onto an album until now.

Picking Up the Pieces is available for download from iTunes and Amazon.