Jeremy Cowart

"And who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring / But today, the sun, shinin' on me"

Jerrod Niemann's infectious new single, "Shinin' On Me," is about living in the moment and concentrating on the positive, no matter how many negatives come your way. The song's video, making its world premiere right here on The Boot, brings to life the upbeat lyrics. Filmed at Family Wash, a restaurant and music venue in East Nashville, the clip shows two very different scenes but just a few feet apart: one stressed-out businessman sitting alone outside the restaurant, while Jerrod, his band and buddies are inside having a great time. When the rain starts to pour, will their two worlds collide? Watch below to find out.

"The video for 'Shinin' On Me' is meant to show you that you don't have to let the storms of life ruin your day," the country star tells The Boot.

Jerrod co-wrote "Shinin' On Me" with longtime friends and collaborators Rob Hatch, Lee Brice and Lance Miller. The song will be included on the Kansas native's yet-to-be titled sophomore album, set to his stores this fall. With its unique melody that blends a classic country sound with a horn section, "Shinin' on Me" provides the first taste of what is sure to be an eclectic project from the singer-songwriter. The album was tracked on analogue equipment to create an organic, "brasswind-infused" sound reminiscent of songs such as Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire."

"I feel like making an album with horns is definitely a risky step, but my favorite thing about it is that it gives my listeners a taste of something unique," says Jerrod, who co-produced the album with Dave Brainard. "I have been watching people react to my music out on the road for years, and because I have the feeling that people are actually listening, it makes me more inspired to become a better musician, producer, songwriter, artist and really give them something different, and a sound that I love."

Jerrod will follow his run on Miranda Lambert's On Fire tour with his own solo dates. Keep up with his full concert schedule here.