Jerrod Niemann recently teamed up with Logan's Roadhouse to offer a series of music education grants to programs aimed at children aged from Kindergarten through high school seniors.

Nieman's own music education non-profit, Free the Music USA, and Logan's Roadhouse's music grant program gave their first donation, of $5,000, to the Forth Smith Kimmons Junior High School band in late November. Niemann and Sam Borgese, CEO of the Logan's Roadhouse restaurant chain, appeared at the Forth Smith, Ark., school via live video feed to announce the grant and answer questions from students.

“You’ll find music that speaks to you and inspires you, and what you’ll learn at the very end of the day is that all your heroes merged into one is you, and that’s your voice," Niemann told the students. "Don’t be afraid to find your own voice."

Together, Niemann and Logan's Roadhouse will have donated a total of $25,000 to various K-12 music education programs by the end of 2015.

"This is a major program for us, and we are extremely excited about it and our relationship with Jerrod," Borgese says. "Jerrod and I share a common belief that if we give back what we receive from music to students, the young artists who emerge will become the artists we’re listening to in the future, and in that sense, music lives forever.”

Niemann released his latest single, "Blue Bandana," in early July.

“I want songs that make you feel something,” Niemann tells The Boot. “I think you can overthink stuff to death when it comes to trying to figure out hits and things like that. If it’s something that just hits you, it usually hits everybody else. So if you hear a song, and go, ‘Wow, man, I’ve got to download that,’ I[‘ve got] to have that song."

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