Singer-songwriter Jeremiah Daly is exclusively revealing a new, powerful song, "Fret Not," for readers of The Boot.

Daly, who is based in Jacksonville, Fla., may be a familiar name: He's the former frontman of acoustic-pop band the Perfect Measure, but he stepped away from the group in order to create music that is more personal to him -- music that speaks of more than love and romance and dives deeper into other topics and facets of life. The artist calls it the "most personal" project he's ever done and admits that after years with the Perfect Measure, he didn't feel like he was being honest anymore.

"If you’re going to be a songwriter or be a performer, even if you don’t write your own songs, if you can’t be honest in what you’re doing and can’t really believe what you’re saying when you’re on stage, what’s the point?" Daly says. "So I kind of got to that point."

"Fret Not" is serious, mournful, prophetic and hopeful all at once. The somber feel of the song and lyrics such as "Fret not, for the darkness will be over soon" and "Million-dollar men seek twenty-dollar girls" are an insightful look into the all-too-harrowing atrocities in the world today -- and a wish for something better. Though much of the song is dark, it's never despairing; rather, the chorus offers a promise of a better tomorrow.

"Fret Not" is from Daly's forthcoming record, The Darkness Will Be Over Soon, which is due out on Nov. 13. Fans can pre-order the record digitally via iTunes or pre-order a physical copy at Daly's official store.

Listen to Jeremiah Daly, "Fret Not":

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