Jennifer NettlesSince rising to stardom as one-half of country powerhouse duo, Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles says her life has surprisingly not changed much compared to when she was a struggling singer-songwriter.

"In some ways, I'm no different," she tells Chicago Pride. "I think there's a core human experience we all share, and that remains the same no matter what's happening in your life."

Jennifer says she tries to focus on keeping her future headed in the right direction. "I work very hard not to become the mayor of crazy town, though sometimes she shows up. I see how easy it can be to slip into self-destruction if you aren't living consciously with awareness. I've had to decide to do this in a healthy way physically, emotionally and spiritually, but overall, this is fun! You're not going to hear me whining and crying about my life."

Sugarland will perform on the 'Christmas in Washington' special, set to air Dec. 20 on TNT.