Jennifer Nettles is launching a new non-profit organization that will focus on the commonality of music, lifestyle and philanthropy. The Sugarland frontwoman calls her new endeavor 'Common Thread.'

"I'm hoping that Common Thread will be a multi-genre diverse bill under the common thread of activism and community organization," Nettles reports. "I do believe that one action can cause a great ripple and make a difference. So, if you inspire some of your fans to go out into their own communities and effect change, then that's success."

Nettles says Common Thread is based on her own philosophy of balanced living through music, yoga, eco-consciousness and most importantly, giving back. She'll host a series of kick-off concerts, beginning November 20th in Beaver Creek, Colorado. The shows will feature Nettles and Sugarland partner Kristian Bush, Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls and singer/songwriter Amos Lee. Tickets for all performances will go on sale October 11 through Ticketmaster.