Jennifer Nettles announced earlier this year she was taking a break from Sugarland to release her own project, and now the singer has given fans a hint of what they can expect. The new mom introduced her debut single, 'That Girl,' on 'Good Morning America' earlier this week, as part of a series of media appearances to promote the new project..

The song, which Nettles co-wrote with songwriter Butch Walker, is a powerful tale with an unexpected ending.

"'That Girl' is the story of a woman who has been bamboozled, if you will, by a man," Nettles explains. "She doesn't know at the moment of being lured into his sticky web, that he has someone waiting at home. However, when she finds out that he has someone else in the picture, she takes matters into her own hands and says, 'Oh no honey. This is not happening. See, I'm gonna call her and tell her that you're being 'that guy' , cause I don't wanna be 'that girl.'"

'That Girl' is a clear representation of what fans can expect from the new project, which is being produced by pop producer Rick Rubin. “This song sounds like a Rick Rubin track,” she explains. “He is very much a rhythm track guy. The claps with a delay on this single were inspired by listening to ‘Cecilia’ by Simon & Garfunkel.”

Nettles is putting the finishing touches on her solo album, which will hit shelves next year. 'That Girl' is available for download here.