Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles has just released a solo album titled 'That Girl,' and the music shows the singer branching out into new areas.

Nettles worked with esteemed rock producer Rick Rubin for the new tracks, and collaborated with a new group of writers, including Butch Walker, Richard Marx, Sara Bareilles and Phillip Sweet from Little Big Town. The album was tracked live to create a different sound than she has explored in the past.

“I think this album so far for me musically has been the most intimate and personal … musically and vocally,” Nettles explains. “I think it’s way more intimate to me and way more personal in the sense that when you collaborate, that’s the nature of collaboration, you’re affecting each other, and playing with and inspiring each other, and yet there are things that one may not get to do or want to do when collaborating.”

'That Girl' -- which readers of The Boot voted our Album of the Month for January -- sees Nettles exploring country, pop, big band, jazz and rock styles, all brought together in one unusually expansive palette.

The intimate 'Falling' is a key track, and the title song, 'That Girl,' takes Nettles to a new musical place as well. 'Know You Wanna Know' is a vocal departure, while her cover of the Bob Seger classic 'Like a Rock' stretches the singer's impressive voice.

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'That Girl' is available for download at Amazon and iTunes.