Jennifer Nettles may seem like he has it all together, but the singer says that she struggles with being too hard on herself.

Nettles' first solo album, 'That Girl,' hit No. 1 on the country charts, and she tells Redbook that it felt very vulnerable to release a solo project after the success of Sugarland, her duo with Kristian Bush.

"You hope your fans have evolved with you and that the music will gain new fans too!" she says. "You do your best, but you never know. The warm and positive response to this album has been simultaneously inspiring, motivating, and a relief."

'That Girl' was also voted January's Album of the Month by readers of The Boot.

With all of success and attention that Nettles has garnered, she says that self-criticism can be a big issue with being in the spotlight.

"Perfectionism is really a challenge for me, and it causes me to be super-critical of myself in so many ways: about body image constantly; about parenting; about being a mother," she says. "For me, that's still my most important job, ever, and I don't want to mess it up. And yet, there's no perfect way to do it ... it's important to have an examined life -- but it's a fine line between having an examined life and being hypercritical of oneself. There has to be balance in there somewhere. I haven't found it yet."

Nettles is currently on tour to promote the new album, which was released Jan. 14. Tour dates and tickets are available on her website.