For a movie, that is.

Jennifer Aniston has signed on to act in and produce the upcoming movie, 'Goree Girls,' based on the true story of an all-female country band that played in a Texas prison in the 1940s. The Goree Girls All String Band was made up of eight convicted felons in the Goree State Farm prison in Huntsville, just northwest of Houston. They played on a local radio show, broadcasting from inside the prison and gaining a fair amount of fame in the Lonestar State. Most of the bandmates were behind bars for petty larceny, and all were eventually pardoned.

Production of 'Goree Girls' is slated to begin in January. There's no word yet on whether Jennifer will actually sing in the movie or scout out a voiceover singer, as her buddy George Clooney did for the movie, 'O Brother Where Art Thou,' using the voice of bluegrass icon Dan Tyminski.

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