Jason MeadowsJason Meadows may be '100% Cowboy,' like the title of his last album, but these days he's working on another title, as well. The Oklahoma native and former 'Nashville Star' contestant has been taking lessons to learn to become a helicopter pilot, something he's wanted to do since he was a little boy.

"I've always wanted to fly helicopters. I love helicopters!," Jason tells The Boot. "I'm a big adrenaline junkie! I'm all about speed and fast and anything to have fun. But any pilot will tell you though, it's really tough to fly a helicopter. You have to use all your fingers and toes and hands and brain all at the same time, and every part is doing something different."

Jason says he was inspired to pick up the hobby from his dad, who was a pilot and used to fly him around all the time. He currently has seven hours of solo time in the air. But a couple of accidents made him pull back a bit on the lessons after realizing just how dangerous it really is.

"There were a couple of unfortunate incidents that happened, though, and my wife was really concerned about it. My instructor got killed, and then the helicopter that I was flying, the guy who bought it crashed and it killed him. So the light kind of came on and I decided to stop for a while. I really want to get back into it and finish my license, though."

Jason is flying high about another project as well: a new independent album he's currently working on, which he hopes to have out later this year.

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