Americana group Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls have a brand-new music video for their song "Turn on (the Radio)," and they're premiering it exclusively to The Boot's readers.

"Turn on (the Radio)," an energetic rock 'n' roll-ish song, is from the band's A Season Undone record. The video capitalizes on the tune's ambiance by encompassing riot footage, a highly entertaining little boy ... and a little bit of destruction.

"We were trying to think of something different that would capture the ideas and vibes of the song without being too heavy and still interesting to watch, and I kept thinking of the pirate/guerrilla radio idea," Heath tells The Boot. "I hope people get a sense of high-energy rock 'n' roll and the liberation that can come from surrendering to the flow of your soul ... to wanna turn it up and remember what Woody Guthrie said: '… This land was made for you and me!'"

The clip stars a little boy, Elston Jacobs, who is the son of one of Heath's friends.

"Elston is naturally dramatic and a lot of fun," Heath explains. "Additionally, he enjoys breaking s--t. So he got the job."

But really, what young boy wouldn't want to throw a television, break records and do all of the things that you're so often told you can't do?

A Season Undone is Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls' first record to be released through Industrial Amusement. It dropped on Sept. 11 and is available for download on their website.