When your dad is one of country music's hottest stars, it's hard to be humble. But for Jessica and Jason Aldean, they try to keep their two daughters -- Keeley, 6, and Kendyl, 2 -- pretty grounded.

"One thing that we've always tried to teach is that this is my job just like every other kid's dad has a job," Jason tells The Boot. "This one just happens to be mine. We try to make it where it's not a big deal. Just because I do this and I'm on TV and all that stuff, her dad isn't any different than anybody else's dad."

While that may work most of the time, little Keeley still likes to reap some of the benefits of her last name, especially if it gets her backstage to meet Taylor Swift!

"We went and did that Keith Urban 'All For The Hall' benefit in Nashville a couple of weeks back," Jason says. "I took her with me because she loves Taylor Swift. So she got to meet Taylor and hang out with her for a minute. [Keeley] knows what's going on, but to her, she's kind of grown up around it, and it's not a huge deal. It's a bigger deal for her to get to meet people like Taylor, which is cool."

Keeley and Kendyl's dad's latest single is 'The Truth,' from his 'Wide Open' album.