Jason AldeanJason Aldean's last three singles all landed at the top of the country charts, and while the singer has a pretty good track record of spotting hits, he sometimes relies on the people around him, especially wife Jessica and daughters Keeley and Kendyl, for feedback on songs to record and release.

"They start hearing them when I bring them home from day one," Jason tells The Boot of some of his family's favorites. "'Big Green Tractor,' 'She's Country' obviously, because they heard those the most on the radio and stuff. But 'Keep the Girl' was one my daughters liked a lot, which was cool because I wrote that one. So that was kinda nice. That one and 'On My Highway' was one that my wife really liked and was another one of my favorites on the record."

For better or worse, Jessica definitely doesn't hold anything back when it comes to expressing her opinions about Jason's music. "My wife, especially, is pretty vocal about what she likes and what she doesn't on the record. She's been wrong a couple of times too. She didn't think 'Amarillo Sky' was gonna be a hit, and we showed her!"

Jason is currently on the road playing his family's favorites and more on his Wide Open tour.