Jason Aldean says if someone had asked him a month ago if he was a dog or a cat person, he would have said neither. That changed last month, when his family became the proud parents of an English bulldog named Uga, who just happens to be the great-granddaughter of the University of Georgia mascot.

"I never thought I would have a dog living in my house," Aldean admits to The Boot. "I thought the only way that would happen is if they (the University of Georgia) would sell Uga, which they wouldn't do because I tried that. The next best thing was to get a puppy out of that bloodline, and I happened to find one right here in Tennessee."

Uga's lineage is a proud one. The first mascot named Uga became a part of the Georgia team in 1956. Every Georgia mascot since has been a descendant of the original Uga. The mascot appears at every Bulldog home football game and even has an official student identification card. So far, there have been seven official dogs named Uga to serve as mascots of the team.

There's no record as to how many other English bulldogs in the family have also been named Uga, which is the abbreviation for the University of Georgia (UGA). But what matters most to Aldean is that there is now one with that name residing in his Nashville home.

"It's like having a little Uga running around our house. It's pretty neat," the Georgia native tells us. "I've got two little girls who love her to death. They run around and play with her all the time. She was eight weeks old when we got her and the first couple nights were pretty rough, but then she started getting better and now she's sleeping through the night. It's like having a new kid at home."

Obviously the Georgia Bulldogs are one of Aldean's favorite sports teams, along with his beloved Atlanta Braves. "Those are the two teams that determine what kind of week I'm having!" he jokes.

Aldean is singing the national anthem and throwing out the first pitch for the Atlanta Braves opening game Friday night.

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