Jason Aldean is set to perform a special concert during the 2015 CMA Music Festival that will be available to watch exclusively through Jay Z‘s TIDAL streaming service.

Aldean will hit the stage in Nashville on June 11 to perform a special acoustic show for fans who won tickets through a contest on TIDAL's website. Those who didn't win a seat or can't make it to Music City will be able to live stream the concert if they have a TIDAL subscription. Subscriptions range from $8.49 per month to $19.99 per month, with video replay of the concert available after the live broadcast.

Aldean's show will be the first country event that the company has streamed live. TIDAL has also aired shows by Jack White and Jay Z, and the service recently streamed Prince's Baltimore Rally 4 Peace and the Hot 97 Summer Jam as well.

Aldean pulled his songs from Spotify, one of TIDAL's biggest competitors, last year, but the "Tonight Looks Good on You" singer says that he supports TIDAL because the company is moving in the right direction when it comes to compensating artists and songwriters fairly.

"If artists want to go out and spend their own money to make a record and just go and give them away, you can do whatever you want, that's your deal," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "But for most people, a record company signs them, fronts them the money to cut these records. If you can't sell records [and people are] just getting it for free, you have no way to pay [the record company] back. In turn, the record company's just not going to keep you there. They're going to cut you from the label, and it's just really not fair to artists, especially new artists. At least TIDAL is trying to get [the music business] back on track and in the right direction."

Some other artists and fans have criticized the platform as a money-making scheme, but Aldean tells PennLive that's "the biggest misconception."

"It's really about just trying to make sure that people are getting paid fairly because a lot of these streaming sites where people can go and stream your music for free, they claim you're getting paid on it, which is kind of inaccurate," he says. "You really don't, and [TIDAL is] one of those things that's trying to make sure that everybody is getting a fair shake. And, also, trying to create the best thing possible for fans by giving them exclusive things that they're not going to see anywhere else.

"People don't really understand how it works, I think is the main thing," Aldean adds. "It's just [about] trying to educate them and them being willing to open their ears and listen to what we're trying to say. Anybody that has any sort of business sense should be able to sit down and really understand it, but all people look at is 'Well, I'm not going to pay for this when I can get it for free.' Well, if you can keep getting it for free, your artists that you love so much aren't going to be able to make records anymore, so pick your poison."

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