Jason AldeanThe truth about Jason Aldean's new single 'The Truth' is that it almost didn't get recorded. The song was written by Brett James and Ashley Monroe, and the singer was just about finished recording the album when he heard it for the first time. Jason tells The Boot, "I just fell in love with the song and knew I wanted to cut it. ' It's my favorite song on the album."

Jason says anyone who has lived through a serious breakup -- or a relationship gone bad -- will relate to the tune. "It's one of those things where things happen, and you're hurtin' inside and don't want anyone else to know," he notes. "You don't want to damage your pride by letting your feelings out there too much."
'The Truth' is very different from Jason's last hit single 'Big Green Tractor,' and the singer says that's by design. "One of the things I like about putting singles out is just when people think they have us all figured out, I love coming out with something different that changes it up a little bit," he shares with a grin. "As big as 'Hick Town' and 'She's Country' and 'Big Green Tractor' were for me, I never wanted to paint myself into a corner so that's all I could ever do. I like putting different things out there when people aren't expecting it; throwing that curve ball every now and then. It worked with 'Tractor,' so we'll see how it does with 'Truth."
Jason does have a hard act to follow, as 'Big Green Tractor' stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for four weeks, causing a huge increase in attendance at his concerts. "As an artist you look for a career-changing song and that was definitely one of those. Now we're seeing crowds of 8,000 to 9,000 where we were seeing 3,000 people. ''She's Country' changed a lot of things, but 'Tractor' really changed it for me. If someone had asked me which song on the album would have been that ... I'd never have picked 'Big Green Tractor.' I loved the song and wanted it to be a single, but to have it do what it's done, I'd have never thought it. Apparently there are a bunch of people who like to get freaky on a tractor!"