Jason Aldean, Luke BryanWhen Jason Aldean was looking at opening acts for his 'Wide Open' tour, he looked no further than Luke Bryan and pretty much wouldn't take no for an answer.

"We've got a lot of stuff in common, and when we first started talking about going out on the road, he was my number one choice to get," says Jason. "And they were asking me, 'If we can't get him, who do you want?' And I didn't really have anybody else in mind. 'I'd like to get Luke, and if we can't get him, then we'll look at other people, but this is who I want.' Luckily it worked out. I think when you're out on the road, you've got to be out there with people you like hanging out with. Not only does it make the time go by a lot quicker, but I've been on tours that weren't that much fun, and I've been on ones that were a lot of fun. When you enjoy the people that are around you, it's a lot of fun."

So what really made him decide on Luke for his tour? "Luke and I have known each other for the last few years, and you meet other artists out here all the time, just on the road. Sometimes you meet people you instantly hit it off with, and Luke was one of those people," explains Jason. "And the fact that he's from Georgia is just a plus. For anybody that doesn't know Luke Bryan, he's just hilarious. He's just a funny guy, and he's so country. He's even countrier than I am, which is a little, he's from even deeper into Georgia than I'm from. But he's a great guy, and I dig his music. I like what he does."

The two Georgia boys have become friends and even went on a hunting trip to Texas prior to the tour's kickoff last month.

The 'Wide Open' tour is off the road for a few days, but will pick back up in Huntsville, Ala. on Feb. 18.