Jason Aldean is taking Halloween night off from headlining duties on the CMT tour so he can trick-or-treat with his two daughters. Jason tells Dial-Global it's one occasion he can't miss.

"I make sure I'm at home for Halloween. I mean, to me, those are things that are only gonna happen for a few years. And I wanna make sure I'm at home for my girls when they do that. And my oldest daughter, Keeley, she has her Halloween costume picked out about a year in advance. So she's good. And then my little one, Kendall, she's a year old, so she just kind of gets put in whatever, you know, whatever we pick out."

As for costumes, Jason says Keeley, who's five, will be dressing as Princess Aurora from Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty.' Jason plans to dress up, too, but may not get to hide his face for long, since Keeley gets scared when she sees Daddy wearing a mask!

For Lee Ann Womack Halloween is always a family affair. The singer, her husband Frank Lidell, and daughters even coordinate their costumes with a a specific theme, such as 'The Wizard Of Oz.' This year, Lee Ann family will turn the clock back several thousand years to portray the Flintstones.

"Frank's gonna be Fred and I'm gonna be Wilma," Lee Ann tells Dial-Global "Anna's gonna be Pebbles, and Aubrey doesn't know it yet, but she's gonna be Betty. She can be Wilma if she wants to, but she's gonna be one of them!"