Jason AldeanJason Aldean is a guy with his own style, especially when it comes to jewelry. He wears small hoop earrings in both of his ears, his fingers are routinely adorned with a ring or two, and he's usually never seen without a couple of necklaces that have special meaning for him.

Jason got both of his ears pierced years ago. It was something he had always wanted to do in high school, but the school would not allow their male students to have pierced ears. "The day I graduated from high school, I went and got one of my ears pierced," Jason tells The Boot. "And then I got home and after a while, it just looked kinda awkward 'cause I only had one, and it just looked weird to me. So, I went back and got the other one done. I think everybody else noticed it really more than I did when I first came out."

The Georgia boy's fascination with shiny stuff doesn't end at the silver hanging from his ears. "I've always kinda liked jewelry and stuff, and most of it's cheap," he says. "All of my jewelry, with [one] exception ... you could probably tally up and it'd cost $10. It's not high-dollar stuff I've got on here. I've got one necklace that I wear and it's got a ring on it and it's got my name, my wife's name and then my two daughters' names on a circle, so I always wear that one. And [the other one] is a necklace, a cross. It's a white gold necklace and cross that my wife gave me as a gift, so I always wear that. Other than that, those are really the only ones that kind of mean anything. Everything else is just like dime-store stuff, flea market bracelets."

His fans can also catch him wearing a jelly bracelet or two, "borrowed" from his drummer, Rich. Jason's daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, might want to keep an eye on their jewelry boxes, because you never know when daddy might be foraging for some new bling to try out on stage!

Jason takes his jewelry and his Wide Open tour to Highland Heights, Ky. on Friday (Feb. 19).