When your life is as high-profile as artists like Jason Aldean, it can sometimes be a little hectic keeping up with emails and calling people back. In Jason's case, not returning phone calls is the one habit he would definitely like to break.

"I am terrible at returning phone calls," Jason tells The Boot. "I'll check my messages, and I'll go 'Oh, I'll call them back in a minute ...'"

Jason admits that sometimes a "minute" turns in to being several days later. "Next thing I knew, it's been two weeks, and I still haven't called them back! That's a bad habit of mine."

Jason says the technology of text messaging has helped out a little bit, as far as getting back with people on a timely basis! "I'm a pretty good texter," he boasts with a laugh.

Jason now has plenty of time to return phone calls, as he finished out his touring for 2009 this past weekend. His latest single, 'The Truth,' is currently climbing the country singles charts.