Jason Aldean is a happy man. His Wide Open arena tour begins its 2010 run on Friday (Jan. 22) in Greenville, S.C. with over 11,000 tickets sold. He previously sold out 17 consecutive dates on the fall run of the '09 tour.

As he rolls out with opening act Luke Bryan, Jason tells The Boot that this will be the biggest production he's ever mounted. "For the first time ever we got a chance to kind of go out now and take out a few bells and whistles with our stage set-up. I've always wanted to have a stage that was a little bit like a playground for me to run around on and just have fun. I've finally got to a point this year where we were able to do that."

The Boot caught up with Jason at his home in Nashville to surprise him with this pop quiz. He passed!

Finish this sentence: Nobody knows that I...

... I'm a video game nerd. A lot of times when my wife goes to bed, I'll go in there and play PlayStation, and I'm online with the headset. It's pretty ridiculous. I play it on the road too.

What's your favorite video game?

It's a game called Modern Warfare 2. It's an interactive, online thing, and I'm online playing that a lot.

If you were looking into a real crystal ball, what would you be looking for?

I would be looking probably at 10 years down the road. In 10 years I will be 42 which I think is still relatively young, so I'd hope that I'd still be able to be doing what I'm doing right now. I think that's a good gauge. I don't want to look too far down the road. I might get scared off. Ten years is probably a good marker. I'd be looking at seeing career-wise how things are going, and my family and make sure everybody is healthy and happy.

With the world going crazy over cosmetic plastic surgery these days, would you ever consider plastic surgery to make yourself look younger?

I don't know that I would do it to make myself look younger. I'd never say 'never.' It's not something that I'm really worried too much about right now. But I can't say that I wouldn't ... not necessarily to do it to look younger. I know when you get older, skin starts sagging and stuff like that. It would really just depend. It wouldn't be something if I were 50 years old, I'd be trying to make myself look 30. It wouldn't be for that reason.

Do you have a favorite quote from a movie?

I am a movie buff. I like 'Scarface.' When [Al Pacino] pulls out the gun, and says, 'Say hello to my little friend.' (Laughs)

Finish this sentence: You couldn't pay me enough money to ...

...to eat some of the stuff they eat on 'Survivor' and 'Fear Factor.' I don't think so.

Who was your hero when you were 10 years old?

My hero when I was 10 years old was probably a baseball player named Dale Murphy. He played for the Atlanta Braves.

Did you want to be a baseball player when you were a kid?

Yeah ... up until I was about 18 years old. That was what I thought I was going to do. I had some opportunities to go to college and play. I didn't want to go to school for four years so I turned it down to start playing music. I played first base in high school. I wasn't excited that I had to go to school to play baseball. I was so happy to get out of high school that the last thing I wanted to do was turn around and go to school again. The thought of being able to go and hang out in clubs and make a little money and have fun was a lot more appealing than going to class, which ultimately made my decision for me. It probably was not the smartest decision I ever made but it worked out, so I'm good.

What fictional TV family past or present would you like to be a part of?

Probably the Dukes from 'The Dukes of Hazzard.' That's my kind of people. They don't really have jobs, they just drive around in a car all the time, get in trouble, hang out at the bar. It's a pretty good deal. They live out on a farm, what more could you ask for? I'd be like the third cousin to Bo and Luke. [Laughs] I'd be the one sitting in the back seat of the General Lee.

If you were to give your fans some breaking news about yourself, what would it be?

We're in the studio recording a new record. We've got about six songs finished for the new album, and we're looking at possibly releasing it later this year. It's still in the works, but our goal is to release it sometime later in the year. We don't have a name for it yet.

When you get a little blue, how do you pull yourself out of it?

I don't really know. Maybe go fishing ... just kind of get out of the house to have a little alone time. I grew up an only child with my mom so I'm used to having a lot of time by myself. And at times when things get crazy, I just need to have a few minutes of peace and quiet by myself. That seems to do the trick.

On your tour bus, when people get on your last nerve, where do you go?

I get a hotel room or I can just go out to a mall or a movie and just kind of hang out by myself.

You've been blessed with having several No. 1 hits. Have you ever had a song that you put on the radio that surprised you with its success?

Well, I've liked every song that I've put out. I've never been forced to put out a song that I didn't want. 'Big Green Tractor,' was a song that kind of surprised me a little bit. As much as I liked the song, I never thought it would have been a four-week number one. It thought it would have done well, but I never thought it was a career-changing type song that it became. So that would be one for me that was a little surprising.

Your new single, 'The Truth,' is doing well. Do you concern yourself with worrying that every song you put out needs to go to No. 1?

It's not a priority. If it happens, great, that's fantastic. That's what you want to happen, but at the same time I can make a really good career out of having Top 10 records. So my goal is to go Top 10, and anything above that is just a bonus.

Have you ever talked your way out of a speeding ticket?

[Laughs] No. They've always written me a ticket.

Have you ever sold anything on eBay or Craigslist?

Never sold anything on there, but I've bought a ton of stuff. I've bought shirts. I've converted my barn into a little nightclub so I've been on there lately buying a bunch of signs for my bar, and things like that. It's just for me and my buddies to kind of hang out, and that way if I've had too much to drink, I can just walk up the hill and be home, so it's all good.