Jason Aldean's new English Bulldog, Athens, is ready for some football! "She has her own personal Georgia Bulldog jersey to wear on game day," Jason told The Boot during an interview just prior to a Nashville party for his No. 1 hit 'Big Green Tractor.' "She's rockin', she's good."

The pup also gets a lot of attention, causing Jason to joke that she just might get more press than he does. Not likely, though, since the Georgia native's most recent single, 'Big Green Tractor,' stayed at the top of Billboard's country charts for four weeks.

The singer and his family have had the pooch for a little over six months, and he says his wife and girls love her. "She's fitting right in; she's cool. She probably weighs 35 to 40 pounds now, so she's getting big. She has those big teeth and she's solid white. And like all bulldogs, she's very stubborn."

Athens can wear her Georgia Bulldogs jersey proudly. She is the great-granddaughter of Uga, the mascot for the Georgia football team. She can trace her mother's family back to 1956, when the first English bulldog in this particular line became a team mascot. Ever since then, the team has always had a mascot named Uga (using the University of Georgia's abbreviation).

Of course the Bulldogs are Jason's favorite team, although he admits they have a way to go this year to match previous seasons. "We actually lost our first game of the season to Oklahoma State and then we beat South Carolina, Arkansas and Arizona State. Last weekend we lost to Louisiana State. There is no chance of us winning the national championship this year, let me put that to rest for you! We lost both the starting quarterback and starting running back this year, both of whom were first-round draft picks in the draft last year. Those are big shoes to fill, so we're in a rebuilding year. If we make it to a decent bowl I'll be happy."

Jason watches the games when he can, and when he's home, of course, Athens is right at his side on the couch, showing off her brand-new jersey and cheering the team on. Just what one would expect from the granddaughter of a legendary mascot.