Make no mistake about it -- Jason Aldean has his priorities in order. When ESPN recently asked the Macon, Ga., native if he would prefer a Grammy or to witness his Georgia Bulldogs winning the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) national title, his answer was clear: "A Grammy would be pretty nice, but I'd have to take the national championship. I'd be canceling shows to make sure I went to the game."

Jason was introduced to the Bulldogs football team at the tender age of 5 when he became a fan of Georgia Bulldog running back, and 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, Herschel Walker.

"Every Saturday, no matter what's going on," Jason tells ESPN, "I have to be in front of the TV watching the Georgia football team. I have a TV that pulls out, and it has a big cooler behind it -- so perfect to just sit out there and tailgate every weekend."

Just last month, Jason showed The Boot that cool pull-out TV, as our cameras got a tour of the brand new bus that caters to his football fix. "This is the first bus we've ever had that was actually built for us," Jason says in our exclusive video. (Watch it below.) "You come here, lift this up, there's a TV in here ... got a little refrigerator on the side, set out a bunch of chairs around ... kind of gives us a chance to get off the bus and catch some football."

As Jason painfully knows, his SEC Bulldogs are 5-5 for the season, so he might have a better shot at a Grammy before his team ever gets that Sears BCS Crystal football. The 2011 Grammy nominations will be announced on December 1. Jason's latest album, 'My Kinda Party,' was released on November 2.

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