Jason Aldean thinks his third album will be even more of a charm than his first two.

"Everyone always says their latest album is the best thing they've ever done, but I really feel like this is," Aldean tells The Boot of his new CD, 'Wide Open,' which comes out next month.

If the success of the first single 'She's Country' is any indication, Aldean's prediction is certainly on target. Already in the Top 20 and climbing, the song has had more than 10 million hits on MySpace, making it the most streamed country song of any current solo artist, just above Miranda Lambert's 'More Like Her' and Taylor Swift's 'White Horse.'

With both a gold and a platinum album already under his belt, Aldean is currently doing all he can to share his music with his fans, including filming a live concert DVD. He is also touring with two of country's biggest stars this year, Toby Keith and Keith Urban.

"I really feel like this is really cool and different -- production-wise, vocally, song-wise," he says. "I think top to bottom this is the coolest thing I've done so far."