Jason AldeanJason Aldean has a very special Feb. 14 planned this year because of what took place on Valentine's Day seven years ago.

"My favorite Valentine's story is Valentine's Day of 2003," Jason tells The Boot. "I became a dad for the first time. My oldest daughter Keeley was born on Valentine's Day. To me that was the best Valentine's present ever! My wife and I realized we probably wouldn't be able to celebrate another Valentine's Day together for about another 18 years. Our oldest daughter, that's her day now. That's my favorite Valentine ever. She was due about a week later, and they induced (my wife) a week early. She went in labor on the 13th, and it just so happened my daughter was born about 1:00 AM on Valentine's Day. She made it by about an hour!"

Youngest daughter Kendyl, who is two years old, no doubt takes the day in with her older sibling, and Jason and his wife, Jessica, pick another day to swap candy and flowers.

"We usually celebrate Valentine's Day the day before or the day after," the singer reveals. "Valentine's Day is reserved for our daughter. It's her day. We usually go to her school, and have a birthday with all her class, and we go out somewhere to eat, unless it falls on a Saturday, and we have a birthday party."

So will Jason take a break from his Wide Open tour for Valentine's Day this year?

"Oh, yeah! I'm always home for the girls' birthdays."

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