Jason AldeanJason Aldean scored two No. 1 hit singles in 2009 with 'She's Country' and 'Big Green Tractor,' yet when the nominations for the upcoming CMA Awards were announced, his name was nowhere to be found. No big deal, says the singer.

"I don't get too wrapped up in that stuff, honestly," Jason tells The Boot. "I'm not going to say that it was disappointing because I wasn't all that confident that we were going to get a nomination anyway. I never thought that winning an award or being nominated for an award defines a person's career. Is it cool to be nominated or win that stuff? Sure it is. Would I like to be nominated or win? Sure. At the same time, if I never win anything or don't get nominated for anything I won't feel like my career was a bust."

And even though he wasn't nominated, Jason and his band will appear on the show Wednesday night (Nov. 11), to perform 'Big Green Tractor,' which spent four weeks at No. 1 on country chart.

"The fact that we're getting to go and perform on the show is cool [because] we get to be a part of it," he says. "If the nominations come and things like that later on down the road then that's fine. That will be great. I feel like this was our breakout year. I think that we're still in that place where we're kind of getting out of all the 'new artist' categories and getting into the main categories. I think that sometimes it takes time to kind of let everybody know that you're a contender. I don't need an award to solidify that for me. I think that we've done that, and I'm very happy with the year we've had."

Jason does, however, have an American Music Award nomination. He's up for Favorite Male Artist in the Country category. competing against Keith Urban and Darius Rucker.

"That is the first time ever to be nominated for something like that," Jason says, adding, "It's fun!"

The American Music Awards will air Sunday, Nov. 22 at 8 p.m. (ET).