Jason Aldean is keeping secrets. Secrets he plans to reveal on his website on Jan. 9.

The 'Night Train' singer has been posting clues in the form of photo teasers on Twitter. We're not sure what he's going to reveal, but according to Taste of Country, the photos could hint toward collaborations with other country artists.

Aldean has posted six clues since Jan. 3, and the first two may point to collaborations with Keith Urban (could the matches in the photo point toward Urban's album 'Fuse'?) and Kenny Chesney.

The fourth clue is especially mind-boggling. What could Aldean be planning that involves Screech from 'Saved By the Bell?' We'll be keeping an eye on his Twitter feed to see if more is revealed over the coming days.

Aldean is hitting the road again for shows on George Strait's the Cowboy Rides Away Tour on Jan. 9, the same day that his secret will be revealed.