Jaron LowensteinJaron of Jaron and the Long Road to Love is reconnecting with fans through his music, after having been off the radio for several years.

Jaron and his twin brother, Evan Lowenstein, were all over the charts a decade earlier as the duo Evan & Jaron with catchy tunes, including the Top 15 hit 'Crazy for This Girl,' but in 2003, they put their music partnership on hold to pursue other projects -- one of which was Evan devoting more time to his budding family. The two, however, delved into different areas of entertainment. "We just moved into writing screenplays and television and got into producing TV and film," Jaron says. The pair even appeared in a few episodes of USA's 'Character Road Trip' as themselves and as The Everly Brothers in the musical series, 'American Dreams.'

In 2009, Jaron was prompted to pick up his guitar again. "In March, the economy was terrible, and people didn't know what the heck was going to happen," the Georgia native explains. "So, I took out my guitar to make myself better, and that's what I did. I thought, 'Wow! I made myself feel better.' And then I realized, 'Wait a second! I'm kinda selfish .. I wrote a song. If I can make me feel better, maybe I can make other people feel better.' And that's what kind of drew me back in. I had nothing left to prove for me. This time around it's really for them."

Jaron now connects with fans -- old and new -- on a more personal basis through social-networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook. "On social media, we all have an equal voice ... It's an engagement. It's a push-pull relationship," says the singer. "It's not just, 'Go buy my record, go buy my video.' It's 'What did you do? Give me your fingerprint.' That's why I came back to music is to actually not just make myself feel better, but make everybody feel better, if I can. I'm not gonna save the world, but maybe [I can] one fan at a time."

Jaron is currently riding high on the country charts with his anti-love song, 'Pray for You,' from his upcoming album on Big Machine Records (home to Taylor Swift, among others), in conjunction with his own Jaronwood Records.

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