Jaron of Jaron and the Long Road to Love knows how to touch a nerve. Whether it's to humorously wish for the demise of an old girlfriend in 'Pray for You,' or declare undying love in spite of someone's flaws with new single, 'That's Beautiful to Me,' his fans (or "frans" -- a combo of friend and fan -- as he calls them) are liking what they hear.

"I get 200 emails a week from people who tell me that they heard ['That's Beautiful to Me'] and it's going to be the song they're going to walk down the aisle to," Jaron tells The Boot. And this was before the song even went to country radio.

Jaron embraces social media in a complete way that few artists do, interacting with his fans constantly via Facebook and Twitter, and, more importantly, spreading the word about his music. They are outlets that weren't available to him when he was part of pop duo Evan & Jaron 10 years ago. "Now people can reach me, they can get to me," he says. "I hear so many great stories about how my music's affected people. Ten years ago, maybe I did, but now I get to hear it. I allow myself to be involved and to communicate with the fans so I get to hear all these great stories."

Watch The Boot's exclusive, behind-the-scenes making of the 'That's Beautiful to Me' video, starting Jaron and 'The Hills'' Kristin Cavallari, below.