Americana artist Jared Deck, who hails from Oklahoma, is premiering "The American Dream," from his forthcoming eponymous debut record, exclusively on The Boot. Deck sings with gusto, and with one listen to his gritty and powerful vocals, readers will understand why he's one to keep their eyes on.

Deck grew up and lives in an Oklahoma town of 1,200 people. It's not, at first glance, a place where dreams seem possible: "We're taught to manage expectations, put our nose down and get to work," he admits. But it is a place where you learn to work hard -- and hard work can get you places.

Deck worked in the fields and at the town's grocery store, owned by his parents; he worked on an oil rig to help pay for school when his parents' business began struggling and, eventually, became the pianist at a gospel church. This honest upbringing helped Deck cut his teeth on what he calls "Midamericana" -- his personal songwriting style.

"Some days are for fighting / Some days are for peace / But sometimes, we gotta roll up our sleeves / We gotta rage against machines," Deck sings in "The American Dream." He continues, "Harder than it seems / It's the American dream."

Deck's upcoming record features 11 tracks illustrating rural life -- the life he's lived himself.

"The pen is disruptive, but inspiring," Deck says. "It rattles me, reflecting moments and things about myself I might rather forget. But it inspires me to face myself and become the man I'd rather be writing about."

Jared Deck is set for release on May 6. The project was produced by Grammy nominee Wes Sharon and recorded at 115 Recording in Oklahoma. It will be available on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to Jared Deck, "The American Dream":

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