Have you ever dreamed of starring in a movie? One fan will get the chance to experience all the luxuries of an actor in the upcoming feature film, 'Heart of the Country,' starring Jana Kramer. The winner of the 'Star for a Day' contest will be flown to the set in Wilmington, N.C., will stay at the cast's hotel, and spend an entire day on the set that will include their own star trailer, full wardrobe and hair and makeup, as well as a speaking part in the movie.

In 'Heart of the Country,' Jana, who's known for her role on 'One Tree Hill,' plays Faith, the prodigal daughter who returns home to North Carolina from New York City after her Wall Street husband is jailed for fraud. There she has to cope with the sudden death of her mother years earlier, and reconnect with the father and sister she left behind.

To enter the contest, fans can download the e-book 'Heart of the Country' for $2.99 here. Each copy has a code that can be used to enter the giveaway before March 15.

Jana's debut country single, 'Why Ya Wanna,' is also climbing the country charts, which she recognizes is no easy feat. "It's really hard for females in this format, and on top of that, I'm an actress," Jana explains to CMT. "So it's like I've already got two strikes against me. When I first came to town, hardly anyone would even take a meeting with me. They think I'm going to try it and then realize that it's actually a lot harder than acting and then take off to go back to Hollywood ... It's been a challenge because everyone's like, 'Oh gosh, another actress coming in, and she's probably gonna leave.'"

'Heart of the Country' begins filming March 10.

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