Jana Kramer ended her engagement with fellow country music star Brantley Gilbert last year, but the singer says she isn't about to give up on love.

"Love for me is not just about having a relationship," Kramer tells People magazine. "I'm single and actually really happy for the first time to be single. We've all been through some heartbreaks, but for me I still believe in love. I think love is about giving back and loving everyone around you -- even if it's just a simple wave or a smile."

The 30-year-old just released the video for her new single, appropriately called 'Love,' which was filmed in Honduras. Kramer partnered with the charity, Hearts2Honduras, to film the captivating video.

"I fell in love with all the kids there," says Kramer, who sponsors a little girl, Angela, in the Central American country. "From the moment I met her we had a very special bond and I'm very proud to be sponsoring her."

The Michigan native admits filming 'Love' was life-changing for her.

“Meeting the amazing children in the Olivos village and experiencing their culture was a life changing experience for me,” she says. “They really understand what love means. I was moved to tears many times during the shoot. It was such a beautiful day, filled with love, that I will never forget.”

The former 'One Tree Hill' star says she hopes to spread a powerful message with her new song.

"It's sad that there's so much hate in the world, and I don't think we focus on the love in the world enough," she notes. "There really is a lot of love out there and I think if we spotlight that more, people will have more love in their lives in general."

While the songstress still believes in finding true love, her former flame is sharing his heartbreak on his new album, 'Just As I Am.'

“Every good country record needs a breakup song, and I just so happened to have one of those in the past couple of years,” Gilbert says of his third studio album. “There’s a song on there called ‘I’m Gone’ . . .  That one kind of had a life of its own. I sat down with Wendell Mobley for the beginning of that one, and then it kinda grew legs and took off. It turned out really good.”

As for Kramer, she warns any potential suitors that she isn't looking for romance right now.

"For me right now I'm just happy being me and doing my own thing," she adds. "I'm just focused now on spreading love."

Download 'Love' here.